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I absolutely loved my internship. I had the opportunity to help out with the U-19 World Championships. I was fortunate to help out at some of the games and help out with all that goes on with preparing for major basketball competitions.New Zealand is amazing and I would highly recommend interning with Live New Zealand to anyone in any field! Kristin

I really enjoyed New Zealand and my internship. I would recommend Live New Zealand to anyone as it is a great work experience. I had the privilege of meeting and working with many exciting people. My boss, Rob, took me along to meet the Mayor and on a separate occasion the... Minister. I loved my internship and I loved the people in New Zealand. No regrets. Kasia   

Best experience of my life! I did the newspaper journalism internship...and this was no ordinary internship of just getting your boss coffee, filing papers, etc...I was actually in the field, reporting-interviewing people, taking pictures, writing stories, editing--got 6 of my articles published in the newspaper which was a fantastic feeling! But it wasn't only the internship, it was the entire NZ experience....the people, the adventure... The Director is extremely helpful and can get the most specific field you're interested in! I HIGHLY recommend Live New Zealand! Sofia 

I loved my internship so much! It was probably the best one I could have ever had. It was at a publishing company , and the boss, Roger, was incredible knowledgeable and patient. Not every head of a company will sit down with you and actually teach you how to import text and images into InDesign, touch up pictures on Photoshop, or what to look for when evaluating a manuscript. I learned a plethora of skills and will even have my name printed in three upcoming books! Christine  

Looking for the right internship during my stay in New Zealand was imperative.  I had many expectations; I wanted it to be a business oriented job, I didn’t want to just be sitting in an office for eight hours plugging numbers into a computer, I wanted to focus on the marketing side, and I wanted to actually be working towards achieving a significant goal.
Whether I was actually participating in the meeting or just sitting back and listening, I was constantly picking up on business ethics and business ideas, which will be a bonus for me after I’m finished with university.  Having the opportunity to speak with embassy people, presidents of business universities, and corporate representatives was a great way for me to not only develop a better understanding of what we were working towards, it was also a great way for me to develop my own personal connections around the city. I couldn’t have been happier with the way my internship went
.  Erik.

Whatever internship you take on, you will love New Zealand, and the whole Live NZ experience.  I fully intend on making it back someday (hopefully for the 2011 Rugby World Cup) and I’m sure you will want to as well.  Also get out and travel during your time there because who knows when you’ll be back!’  Matt.

‘The guidance and accommodations were great and it was nice to know you were always a phone call away.  My internship helped me figure out my next step in life and my experience here was life changing. Brienne.

‘My boss, Rob, presented me with many opportunities that I thought I would never get to see. He would invite me to work on projects that would be unattainable in the U.S. to someone who had not yet gone through college; hear world-class speakers at the Te Papa museum; and even go on surfing trips to some of the best breaks in the South Pacific
. Chris.

'The high level of responsibility that this program has afforded me has placed me at the forefront of the campaign for equal rights and employment opportunities for disabled persons in Wellington.  My youth and limited background never would have permitted me to undertake these responsibilities in the United States. Felicity.

‘It’s been amazing and I wish I wasn’t going home. Thank you so much for the opportunity! This has been life changing!  …If NYU won’t take me I may be back’. Kit, Jan

‘I had a great experience there because I was treated more like a staff member than merely an intern.  The director assigned research projects and other tasks that involved a real contribution to the organization.  It was much more than your typical intern duties like filing and copying – it was real work experience. I feel incredibly fortunate to have  had this amazing experience. The Director sincerely cares for her students and wants to make sure they have the best all-round experience possible.  I would absolutely recommend the Live New Zealand program to anyone wanting to experience life as a Kiwi’. Jennifer.